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Global Brand Strategy | Brand Model

Development of the global marketing strategy and the brand model for the Volkswagen brand in 2006.

In 2005 Volkswagen realized that the spread of the brand Volkswagen - with its models from Phaeton to Fox – was too extended.

The problem:
The brand wasn’t clearly positioned. The brand’s perception inside the company differed distinctly from the exterior perception. Another challenge was the brand’s increasingly international direction. With planned conquests of countries such as India and China, Volkswagen was in need of a feasible and assessable brand model. The corporate group acted and started a re-positioning of the brand Volkswagen.

In 2006, Utilizing the semantic evaluation methodology by nextpractice / Prof. Peter Kruse and workshop and study results, Greenkern developed a new Volkswagen brand model designed to resonate with the global market. The brand was translated into emotional value patterns and thereby prepared for the international implementation. Behind every brand value stands the semantic deduction of the differentiated meaning.